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  2. Videos I found online collected on this page. So I rather consider this as an “incomplete compilation” of “what is out there”, then a “selection”.

    Look out for my new film: TRAINS OF THOUGHTS
    Also on: IMDB, facebook, twitter

    other links:
    inLoops on: vimeo, youtube, facebook, twitter
    Sofa Surfers on: facebook
    Katika on: tumblr, vimeo, youtube, facebook, twitter
    Bureau Pawlow on: facebook


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  3. TRAINS OF THOUGHTS - official Sofa Surfers musicvideo of a film by Timo Novotny

    http://trainsofthoughts.com - Austrian CINEMASTART: 07.12.2012
    http://www.facebook.com/trainsofthoughts - © orbrock

    TRAINS OF THOUGHTS - musicvideo

    Directed: Timo Novotny
    Edited: Gerald Schober
    Original Filmexcerpt (Poet) edited and composed by Jakob Barth
    Camera: Timo Novotny, Jakob Barth, Enzo Brandner, Simone Laimer, Katica De Pascale
    Colors: Seven Film- & Postproduction

    Music: Sofa Surfers - “Trains of Thoughts”

    Produced: Ulrich Gehmacher / Orbrock

    © 2012 / ISRC: AT-799-12-0002-0

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